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McStats-VBall VolleyBall Stats

开发 Valerio Lo Giudice
4 usd

McStats-VBall was created to easily keep track of your favorite team, school and player volleyball statistics. Features include: - Manage Multiple Teams - Manage Multiple Seasons - Full Scoreboard Display - Share Match with Family/Friends/Fans On-line wth real-time updates - Full Match Management - Select Match Type - High School, College, International, Club, Other (User defined) - Automatic Rotation Control - Timeouts - Track Single Team Stats or Both Team Stats - Automatic Scoring Based on Stats Entered - Track Individual Player Stats - Serving, Attacks, Ball Handling, Service Receive, Setting, Blocks - Sets Played, Points Played - Add up to 2 user defined player stats - Easily Reverse Inadvertent Entries - Service and/or Attack charting. - Save/Load Lineups - Generate In-Match Summaries and Final Match Summaries - Generate Season Summary - Email Match/Season summary pages - Generate MaxPreps match import file. Official MaxPreps stat partner. - Track Season Totals and Averages - Export Team and Match files for import on another android device. - Import Team and Match Files